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Build your Web In a $0 Zone - Course Details-  Internet Storefront. Who should atend – anyone thinking of building a web page to start a web site.

I X Cel - Course Details- Cel anime painting, Manga, Disney, Maxx. Who should atend- anyone who likes painting and can OR can’t draw.

CSS Taken Seriously - Course Details- Creating todays web site from testerdays web page. Who should attendthose that have a web page but find it lacks “zing”

Dynamic Duo - Course Details- A Dynamic Website primer using PHP and MySQL.
Who should attend - anyone wishing to create a database interactive website.

PHP – Hardcore Softcode - Course Details- Learn the PHP programming language. Who should attend – programmers of other languages, web designers, web site owners.

Show Me The Money - Course Details- A sales course with a small business perspective Who should attend – would be sales people, sales people, small business, tradesman.

Speak With Distinction - Course Details - "I learned to read English in the Classroom BUT I learned to " Speak it in The Playground." Who should attend - anyone who earns a living by speaking or cares about the impression they give to others when they speak.

eBay Wants YOU! Seriously. - Course Details - Part 1 A serious practical approach to buying and selling on eBay. Who should attend – stay-at-home mums and dads, kids, second income, students, everyone.

eBay PowerSeller –Click & Portals - Course Details- Part 2 Beyond the Basics of Selling on eBay. Who should attend - This is for those who are dead serious about starting or extending a business. Swapping “bricks and mortar” for “clicks and portals”

Think Again! The Missing Memory Manual - Course Details – Memory strategies, exercises, techniques – Use it or lose it. Who should attend – Students, Businesspeople, anyone.

Stealing Files or File Sharing? You Pick. - Course Details- How to legally and ethically copy and share files, including tools, directions and dangers. This course tackles the issue of file sharing networks, explains how they work and how to use or avoid them, Who should attend – Students, Businesspeople, anyone.